Manager Training for Senior Living Rockstars

Manager Training for Senior Living Rockstars

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Getting your CEUs can be a real drag. Ever have these thoughts?​

  • Ugh… how many times do I have to repeat this training?
  • Is this going to be exactly what it was last year?
  • Do they know how many things are on my plate right now?
  • I’d rather go to the dentist

Find the Chapter Meeting Closest To You

Come and enjoy networking and learning from your peers in the Senior Living Industry. Check out the events page below to see what’s happening in your area. We hope to see you at the next meting!


Assisted Living Manager’s Training

TORCH has 12 and 24 hour options. Please join us for our next Manager’s Course. You may complete your course live via zoom, online self-paced and in-person . Click to register below and learn more.


Courses to Grow your Facility

Learn the time-tested ways to market, build relationships in the industry that will drive traffic to your door, how to get to the heart of what your prospective residents need, and how you can fill that gap.




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Expert Instructors

We’re taking Manager Training from “Meh” to “Let’s Go!” Everything you need to stay on the path to being a Senior Living Rockstar

TORCH on demand training for Assisted Living Managers

On-Demand Training

We’ve made it easy to take your training in the convenience of your own home, and the best part is there’s no dress code. No mask required.

TORCH Texas Manager Training

Hey, We’re From Here!

Hell yes we’re from Texas, and we only care about what Texas cares about when it comes to regulatory concerns. Get the best training for Texas from Texans.

TORCH community of assisted living care homes


TORCH is made up of members who are Owners and Operators of Residential Care Homes. We really care that your education is engaging, convenient, and community-building.

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We get it – sitting through training that is bland, repetitive, and boring isn’t what you’re after.

We know you want to be a Senior Living Rockstar. That’s why TORCH has been helping Residental Care Home operators and their employees for over 35 years be the absolute best. Through our engaging education we’re helping Senior Living.

Care Homes Who Trust TORCH

We’ve been serving companies like these for over 35 years.

TORCH makes it easy for me to get the training I need, and for my staff. It helps us do what matters most. Take care of our residents.
Robert Taylor
CEO Town Care Homes

Upcoming Classes and Events

Manager training should be done when and where you want it. That’s why we offer online and on-demand courses as well as in-person live classes. You can also count on our annual TORCH Conference every year where you can also get your annual training done.