The Houston Chapter meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Houston-Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes (H-TORCH) is a local chapter of our state-wide organization TORCH. Our mission is to promote and implement the highest quality service and care for residents of assisted living and residential care homes.

H-TORCH is much more than simply a group of professionals caring for residents. The organization gives you the invaluable opportunity to network with other industry professionals in your area. Through this network, you’ll find the support and tools you need to provide outstanding care for your residents.

Our Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 10 am-12 pm. Our educational speakers are hand-selected and present topics specific to helping you learn and grow your business at each one of our monthly meetings.

What does TORCH do for Assisted Living Facilities?

Business Assistance

TORCH membership provides access to discounted food, medical and office supplies, office equipment, telecommunications and computer hardware. Members can easily save more than the cost of their annual membership. TORCH members receive discounts on best practice policy and procedure manuals. Manuals help meet regulatory requirements and maintain quality of care while enhancing profitability. TORCH maintains a network of experienced owners and experts whose knowledge is available to members through our “Ask the Expert” program. TORCH is developing an inspection hotline that will be available for members to call during unannounced inspections. Regulations frequently change and can be difficult to navigate. This program makes the most accurate information available to members when it’s needed the most.

Get On The Road to More Success with TORCH